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India Immersion

Complete All Three for 200-hour Certificate in Ayurveda Integrative Nutrition Consulting

The science of Ayurveda is brought fully to life through direct experience. Throughout these trainings you will work with herbs and spices in your kitchen, experience detoxes and cleanses, create sumptuously healthy meals, and ultimately be able to bring it all together during our special Level Three journey to southern India, the home of Ayurveda. 

Training Components

  • Live online classes with Laura held on specified weekends and evenings plus online Video Intensive

  • Home Study

  • Experientials

  • FaceBook Community 

Weekend Intensives

Your training will involve live online video courses with Laura via Zoom plus evening group on Mondays as specified. 

Home Study 

Homework will be assigned each week, including manual studies, recipe creations, and working with herbs & spices. As your training progresses, you will begin working with family and/or friends who volunteer to have practice consulting sessions with you. Ultimately, you will group together to run small practice webinars for one another.


In the comfort of your own kitchen you will prepare and taste Ayurvedic meals, plus work with medicinal herbs and spices.

Facebook Community

You will enjoy an exclusive, private Facebook Community with your fellow student to share insights, explore techniques, pose questions and discuss topics of interests. 

Ayurvedic Nutrition Schedule

Level One Schedule

February 2020

Feb 1   Saturday   8-10am PST Live with Laura

Feb 3    Monday      8-9:30am PST          Group Live* 

Feb 8   Saturday     Week 2 Training       At Your Pace

Feb 10  Monday      8-9:30am PST          Group Live

Feb 15  Saturday     Week 3 Training       At Your Pace

Feb 17  Monday       8-9:30am PST          Group Live

Feb 22  Saturday    Week4 Training       At Your Pace 

Feb 24  Monday      8-9:30am PST          Group Live

Feb 29   Saturday    Week 5 Training      At Your Pace

March 2020

Mar 2   Monday       8-9:30am PST          Group Live

Mar 7  Saturday    8-10am PST Live with Laura

Mar 9   Monday       8-9:30am PST          Group Live

Mar 14  Saturday     Week 7 Training       At Your Pace

Mar 16  Monday       8-9:30am PST          Group Live

Mar 21  Saturday 8-10:30 am PST Live with Laura

Mar 23  Monday       8-9:30am PST         Group Live

Mar 30   Monday      8-9:30am PST         Bonus

*Alternative to Monday live groups: Mon 9-10:30am PST

Support for completion of Level One will be available in early April

Level Two Schedule

April 2020

April 11    Saturday     8-11am PST                   3.0 hours 

April 13   Monday       5-6:30pm PST              1.5 hours 

April 18   Saturday      8-11am PST                   3.0 hours 

April 20  Monday       5-6:30pm PST              1.5 hours 

April 25  Saturday      8-11am PST                   3.0 hours 

April 27  Monday       5-6:30pm PST              1.5 hours

May 2020

May 2  Saturday        8-11am PST                  3.0 hours  

May 4  Monday          5-6:30pm PST            1.5 hours   

May 9     Saturday      8-11am PST                 3.0 hours 

May 11     Monday       5-6:30pm PST            1.5 hours 

May 16    Saturday      8-11am PST                 3.0 hours 

May 18    Monday        5-6:30pm PST           1.5 hours 

May 23    Saturday      8-11am PST                3.0 hours 

May 25    Monday       5-6:30pm PST            1.5 hours 

May 30    Saturday      8-11am PST                 3.0 hours 

Two Group Coaching Sessions will be held in June to Support Your Certification

Level Three: Ayurveda Immersion in Kerala, India


Your training in lush, fertile southern India, considered the "Home of Ayurveda," will be an unforgettable immersion in the teachings, history, spiritual science and culture of Ayurveda. You will experience a hospital and research center that feels more like a lush resort, wander through herbal forests where true medicine grows on trees and vines, meet indigenous women whose people have been nurturing and harvesting medicinal spices for generations, enjoy cooking classes from Ayurvedic chefs, boat on ancient waterways filled with wildlife, hike through tropical animal preserves, and enjoy cultural performances.

Dates, itinerary and immersion details for this exciting portion of my training are here. INDIA AYURVEDA

October 2020

Day 1           Malabar House, Fort Cochin: Visit Historic Fort Cochin, Spice Harbor, Welcome Dinner.

Day 2          Kerala Backwaters: Lake Vembanad Backwater Tour, Serenity Time on the Lake, Afternoon, Optional                            AyurvedaTreatments & Meditation.

Day 3 -7      Spice Village, Periyar Highlands: Morning Yoga, Daily Ayurveda Classes, Ayurveda Cooking Classes with                      Spice Village Chefs, Spice Plantation Tour, Excursions Offered by Ecolodge.         

                    Manaltheeram Ayurvedic Resort Hospital & Research Center: Ayurvedic Treatments, Clinic Activities,                            Ayurveda Classes, Quiet Time for Nature or Cultural Visits, Daily Group Engagement.

Day 8-14      Our Ayurvedic Retreat @ Manaltheeram Ayurvedic Clinical Resort: Ayurvedic Treatments, Clinic                                       Activities, Ayurveda Classes, Quiet Time, Beach Walks, Temple Visit, Daily Yoga & Meditation, Daily                               Group Circles.

Day 15         Departure or Extend Your Stay: Another 7 days at Manaltheeram will enable Pancha Karma therapy.                              Please email me for information. laura@lauraplumb.com

Level I Tuition $1497

$1197 Early Bird by Jan 1, 2020

*payment plans available


90% refund if requested no later than

15 days before training commences. 

Level II Tuition $1497

$1197 Early Bird by March 1, 2020

*payment plans available


90% refund if requested no later than

15 days before training commences. 

Level III India $3400 

October 3-16, 2020

As an AIN student, this price reflects a $500 discount just for you!

Don't miss this unforgettable experience!

*Private coaching sessions with Laura also available during your training.

Email Laura for details and pricing