VedaWise Inner Peace Coach

The Science of Mantra, Meditation & Affirmation

Guide your clients into positive affirmations, meditations and soothing mantras for inner peace, calmness, acceptance and gratitude. 

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Course Topics

  • The Medicinal Benefits of Herbs & Spices

  • The Medicinal Benefits of Natural Food

  • Optimal Rhythms & Timing for Nourishment

  • Optimizing Digestion & Assimilation

  • Determining Each Individual's Unique Needs

  • How to Create Meal Plans 

  • How to Lead Ayurvedic Detoxes

  • How to Lead Seasonal Cleanses

  • Recommending Botanical Remedies

Calendar & Tuition

  • 200 hours of study, lecture & experientials over three months.

  • Graduates receive VedaWise Nutrition Coach certificates. 

  Tuition: $1650 (earlybird)  Dates: January-March 2019

Webinars every second Wednesday night

Guest Lectures every other Sunday night

    Individual support coaching available for additional fees 

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Course Elements

  • Six Live Webinars

  • Six Guest Lectures

  • Online Group Discussions

  • PDF Study Guide

  • PDF Support Materials

  • Cleanse & Detox Plans

  • Working with Clients

  • Marketing Guidance

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