VedaWise Consults 

Private Counseling with Laura Plumb

Supporting Body, Mind & Spirit through Vedic Science

Ayurveda is designed to support you on all levels of life, providing greater balance, stability, harmony and self-expression. 

Our online video consults will address what you need most in your life right now, and provide you tools and techniques for self-healing, personal empowerment, and fuller creative and professional success.

Focusing on your unique mind/body type, we create a highly personalized program designed to meet you where you are and assist you in moving towards optimal wellness in all aspects of your life.

  • Refine Your Nutrition

  • Reduce Stress

  • Optimize Energy

  • Enhance Wellness

  • Define Goals

  • Self-Empowerment

I see clients on Thursdays via Zoom | Skype | FaceTime. Please choose an available date and time from my calendar here.

Note: Session payments must be received prior to session.

“Laura is a dream come true. A kind, gentle soul is very rare to find and she has all the great divine qualities. You instantly feel so comfortable in her presence and she’s helping me a great deal with my blood pressure and I’m able to lower the toxic drugs prescribed to make us worse. Highly recommend Laura. Her graceful attitude will take you to a higher divine level.” Yanick B.

“My meeting was Laura was really poignant, she has a way of getting the point of what supports you without fuss or drama and in such a gentle way that its not till it all sinks in that you realize just how clever she is at “knowing” exactly what you need to take you forward. Her words and suggestions echo in you days after the meeting so that they are reinforced by your daily practice. Would highly recommend a consultation with Laura they are life changing.” Jacky B.

“Understanding Ayurveda has helped me understand my family’s unique and individual personal dynamics in a way that has utterly transformed our family life. Where it was once chaotic and overwhelming, it nows feels peaceful and nourishing. We are at last a happy family. Thank you!” Colleen, Military Mom